MRI Technician Training in Arizona

How can you get into an MRI training program online in Arizona? Who is offering Radiographer certificate programs in Arizona? How much does a radiographer tech program cost in Arizona?

If you are an Arizona resident, the cost to become a registered radiographer will be significantly less. Out of state MRI training program costs are much higher. Typically, the minimal amount of time you will spend attending radiography classes online in Arizona will be easy only if you already have another allied health degree.

Here is a helpful list of colleges that offer radiography program in Phoenix or some other cities in Arizona.

  1. Gateway Community-Phoenix
  2. Radiology Tech-Phoenix
  3. Anthem College-Phoenix
  4. University of Tuscon
  5. Pima Medical Institute-Mesa-Tuscon
  6. Apollo College-Phoenix
  7. The Bryman School of Arizona-Phoenix
  8. Carrington College-Phoenix

Pima Medical’s radiographer on-line program is for students that have prior radiography training. The MRI on-line program at Pima admission criteria involve the transfer of 51.5 credits for previous coursework which includes 41.5 in clinical experience. Graduates of Pima’s radiography classes on-line in Tuscon or Mesa will receive an Associate degree.

The Apollo College in Phoenix radiology program requires a current AART certification and graduation from an accredited Medical Radiography program in Arizona or elsewhere to be eligible for the on-line radiology classes in Phoenix.

Carrington College’s MRI training program in West Phoenix results in an Associate degree as a Medical Radiographer. ┬áThis is a classroom setting.

Whether you want to attend an on-line MRI tech program in Flagstaff or an on-line MRI tech program in Phoenix or Tuscon, having a degree as a Radiographer already will help you pursue the bachelor degree as a Radiographer.

Certainly, on-line radiography schools in Arizona are helpful, as you will not need to physically be at the school, but because of the criteria needing to be met to get into on-line MRI training in AZ, most students will have to be physically present in the class.

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